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We here among your true-blue fans sure hope that the afflication you receive from on high won't be an oozing weiner. That'll change the whole nature of this blogging enterprise of yours because we know that a) you are a show off who has been known to parade around naked; and b) you own a digital camera.


You're not a biblical scholar?


I like my transgressions sauteed with a bit of rosemary, then you barbeque the goat with some peppers, on a skewer, kebab-style, and garnish lightly with throttled turtledoves.

Delicious and cleansing all at once!


I think you need to post (and mock) some outraged letters from you correspondent, Bob. Pretty please? Then you can be "I make fun of people who don't get the joke of 'I read Leviticus so you don't have to' so you don't have to."



Wow - Josh just blew my mind.


I agree with Josh. With a cherry on top.

By the way I was just watching local DC cable access channel while on the treadmill and saw two whacked out ludricrous guys with garments on their heads shouting out passages from Leviticus. They read in the book something to the effect that God thinks men lying down with men to be abomination. That led the brothers in head gear to shout that therefore, according to the instructions ordered in Leviticus, God wants us to execute the "(really hateful term used by nasty people to label gay men) and lesbians."

I like Bob's interpretations of Leviticus better.

Tube City

Best ... title ... ever!


Sorry Josh & Joe -- I deleted them! Dude was startin' to weird me out. Also, he seemed like one of those guys who would carry on an argument thread forever, constantly re-arranging my words to suit his purposes. I figured it was better to cut bait.


Those instructions God gave to Aaron are not only cruel but also wasteful. I mean Aaron could have been made to stand up a baseball bat, place his forehead on the end, & spin & spin & spin - maybe a spin for every one of those transgressions. Surely he would have gotten sick & this might have been entertaining for everyone else & they'd still have some milk for cereal. Then on the other hand, maybe Aaron should have simply been sent to wander in the desert carrying his own dang sins.


I can vouch for the guy's emails, I told Bob to run far and run fast.

Mountain Mama

Um, a steer by definition is castrated, so "castrated steer" is redundant. I pick apart veribage so you don't have to. Thank you.


Re: definition of "steer"...yeah, that WAS pretty stupid on my part. Oops.

The dictionary.com definition says "a castrated bull; a steer." I meant to pick one or the other of those, but ended up combining them into one big blob of redundancy.


I got a good hearty laugh out of "goat and transgression stew" as well as a genuine moment of reflection on the practice. Suddenly it seemed clear to me:

High priest: Okay young man, you job now is to take this goat and walk over yonder until nobody can see you anymore, and then we want to never see this goat again!

Scapegoatherd: (licking lips and rubbing garlic butter on goat) You got it, sir!

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